Contract Management

The EMPC Team actively manages Contracts on behalf of its Member Trusts and the NHS. EMPC believe some of the key elements to effective Contract Management are ensuring:

  • Information relating to each Contract is always accurate and up-to-date;
  • Regular communication with Contractors to build collaborative working relationships;
  • Monitoring of Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs); and
  • Pro-active review of products and services to establish best value and cost savings.

The systems in place at EMPC help facilitate the pro-active management of Contracts, more comprehensive reporting and a better understanding of the Contracts in place.

The EMPC Team ensures on-going contract compliance through regular checking of its Contractors accounts, policies, insurances and standards required for the specific contracts awarded and the healthcare market.

We understand the importance of building collaborative relationships and strive for openness and honesty with all of our Contractors through regular review meetings and key communication between ourselves, Contractors and our Member Trusts.

Contract performance monitoring and measuring is carried out for all Contracts awarded by the EMPC, which can assist with the early detection of problems and facilitate mitigation measures rather than allowing a problem to escalate. Regular monitoring of SLAs and KPIs are seen as key elements of Contract Management as they provide the minimum performance standards the EMPC and our Member Trusts expect from our Contractors.

The EMPC current portfolio of Contracts includes:

–          Dose Banded Chemotherapy
–          Ready to Administer
–          Unlicensed Compounded Medicines
–          Unlicensed Imported Medicines
–          Wholesalers
–          Adult & Paediatric PN
–          TPN Components
–          Viscoelastics
–          X-Ray and Contrast Media

–          Home Delivery:
            –   Dispense and Deliver
            –   Mid Tech
            –   IVAB / OPAT
            –   Parental SACT
–          Emergency Response Boxes
–          Drug Testing Kits
–          Balanced Salts